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Why it is so good for us to go to the forest

Do you know why it's so healing to go to the woods?

Apart from the stillness and the beauty that we can enjoy there is another healing effect.

„Trees emit natural defense chemicals called phytoncides, which serve as protection against insects. This aids the human immune system too. When we spend time around trees, we inhale these protective chemicals. In turn, “our bodies respond by increasing the number and activity of a type of white blood cell called natural killer cells or NK.“

When I can’t go into the forest, I always have some fir oil with me, douglas fir or siberian fir for example, inhaling the oil makes me feel like being in the forest. ♡

And did you know, that when we create a feeling, our body actually does not know if it's happening or not. The body reacts like if it's happening.

This can be used for good and bad. In case of the oils we can bring in positive emotions and getting a positive response, in case of calling in fear it can cause negative responses.

More information about Douglas Fir:

It is “The oil of generational wisdom”

Douglas Fir is an ever green pine tree 🌲 Personally I love the woody fragnance of it as it makes me feel like walking in the forest when I apply it. It has also an important component called suramin.

But there are so many more benefits to it like:

🌲helps with cold symptoms

🌲clears airways

🌲promotes a sense of focus

🌲helps with digestive issues, mental fog

🌲immunity booster

🌲skin cleanser

🌲promotes a feeling of calmness

🌲Generational healing, respect & gratitude for elders, wisdom, learning from the past, free. May assist in releasing negative generational patterns.

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