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Why to meditate daily?

Updated: Mar 21

Why is it so important to have a daily meditation practise?

To sit and breathe daily for a few minutes in stillness connecting with yourself, noticing what is going on around you and what is going on inside you.

This practise helps you to cultivate a state of awarness, to notice your inner state and your emotions. It also helps you to come back to you, if you have been to busy with the outside world. It gives you this time for you to notice how you feel and what is going on inside you.

Sometimes we can get absorbed by the outside world, that is why it is so important to get back to yourself to check in with yourself and to connect with your soul and essence.

If things in the outside get chaotic, this will be your place of peace and stability to come back to at any time. Even during the day, if you come back to your breath consciously you come back into your body.

Meditation can teach you to be the observer instead of being your emotions and helps you to not get caught up in emotions.

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